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We envision a world where every child is given ample opportunity to enjoy learning, explore, tinker and innovate! Our offerings create an environment that sparks the imagination and creativity of students, encourages them to think out of the box and empowers them to develop innovative solutions. Want to know how?

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Multidisciplinary Approach

Future calls for integration of various domains. Keeping this in mind, we have chosen various multidisciplinary domains to ensure children’s integrated learning and also to keep them motivated.

Aeromodelling portfolio

Aeromodelling is the design, construction and flying of model airplanes, helicopters and …

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Robotics portfolio

Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation …

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Astronomy portfolio

Astronomical discoveries captivate the human imagination by connecting to deep and long-standing …

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Fun Science portfolio

Science is all about exploration. We have developed various activities which help …

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Coding for kids portfolio

Software coding/programming is not about learning a programming language, rather its about …

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Our Partners


What our esteemed clients have to say about us:

  • We have a full year STEM Innovation program for all students from class 3 and above, classes conducted fortnightly for 2 hours. Its a very well designed program. Team considered the background, scientific temperament and mental systems of the students while designing the program strategically, which resulted in multiple activities for them. Its out-of-box learning, children are glued to their classes and excitement level is very high. Any learning which goes into such passionate way is real learning. Team provides all learning resources and material so our children are easy gainers and parents are not burdened. My children and parents are very happy and we have a relationship of trust, exploration and innovation!

    Mrs Nandini Shekhar, Principal, K.R. Mangalam World School, Greater Noida
  • Our experience with team Technomentis has been very good. We took this program as the commitments level of team was very high, it’s a young enthusiastic team of sincere people. The team has lots to offer, a great variety, children work with many aspects of science, technology and mathematics. The program is completely hands- on, children explore, watch, learn, question and do it. Team is very supportive, teaching with equal enthusiasm and is with students all the time. The whole program works very well with our philosophy of hands-on learning.

    Jaishree Joshi, Principal, Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida
  • STEM Innovation Club experience has been very good with children, they have learnt a lot, thoroughly enjoying the program. Its learning by doing. Students are ready to face the country for tomorrow. The program is in line with vision of our honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi : IT+IT= IT , Indian Talent + Information technology = India Tomorrow. These children are going beyond their imagination and come to the world of reality when they are making it, experimenting with it. Their interest in subjects like science and maths has increased manifold. Thanks for giving our children an opportunity to learn, imbibe and bringing them into the world of invention .

    Mrs.Indira Kohli, Principal, DPS Expressway , Noida
  • To address the problem of dwindling interest of students in science and maths, we thought of introducing an interesting program which could re-ignite the same. Your program is good, children are interested and enthusiastic during and after the classes about what all they create. We are fully satisfied with the program. Thanks for the wonderful bond of understanding, exploration and innovation that the team shares with the children.

    Poonam Tandon, H.O.D. at Kulachi Hansraj Model School, New Delhi
  • Enjoying one’s work along with gaining knowledge is something which brings the best of one, such was my journey of learning Arduino programming where inventiveness was accompanied by enjoyment. From making LED’s glow to a fully functioning robo car, this workshop has helped to bring out my creativity, think out of the box. Thanks to the excellent teachers who guided me to learn something new which would definitely help me in the future. I hope such opportunities are more often laid in front of me so that the ride of learning always goes on.

    Shubhankar Panwar, Class XI, Lotus Valley International School, Noida , 3rd prize Winner of International Year of Light 2015 Challenge
  • Rohan’s concentration and focus has improved. He loves to discuss the activities done in class and projects they worked on. He is looking forward to joining the next session. Yes, I would recommend it to all parents.

    Mrs Nimisha Singh, Mother of Rohan, Assistant Professor, BIMTECH, Greater Noida
  • Before these classes I thought that the science in our school is useless but now I am understanding, observing how things work and relating them with science. First I thought that technology was limited and hopeless but now I figured out that the only limit is our imagination.

    Rohan, Class VIII Student , DPS Greater Noida
  • My son Shaurya is associated with Technomentis since one and half years. The idea was to introduce him to the world of Robotics in practical manner. My experience has been wonderful and amazing, he gets to learn science, maths concepts and got introduced to technology and robotics in playful manner.
    He developed several skills like critical thinking, team work and problem solving, which will surely provide him edge when he is deciding about his career in higher classes and will help him to be better engineer/scholar in life.
    When you compare the organizations, which impart such training programs to students, the “wow” factor is there with Team Technomentis.

    Dr Vidushi Sharma, H.O.D. , Computer Science Dept – ICT, Gautam Budh University , Mother of Shaurya