STEM training for Teachers

We provide exhaustive hands-on learning capacity building workshops for school teachers on technology domains, supported by high-quality lesson plans that bring experiential learning to classrooms.

Our educational system has continuously evolved from the traditional ‘Gurukuls’ to the present multimedia based teaching methodologies. To keep up pace with the evolving technologies and to inculcate the culture of innovation among our youths, the educational system has already started to experience the next revolution – ‘The learning by doing’. This hands-on learning approach ensures greater understanding of the subject and the integration of various domains.

This revolution requires our teachers to be equipped with the tools and curriculum to encourage and empower students to develop clear understanding of the subjects and innovate for a better future for our next generation.

We at technomentis have been actively involved in this mission to empower our teachers with the use of multidisciplinary domains like Robotics, Hands-on Science, Aeromodelling, Astronomy etc.

The training programs are designed to enhance knowledge, challenge mind-sets, develop skills, and build networks, ensuring sustainable changes in pedagogies in the school ecosystem.

Primary Learning Objectives are

  1. To build sustainable technology exploration capacities in school educators.
  2. To equip the teachers to understand the relevance of technology exploration for students and empower them to guide their students.

Our camps have benefitted teachers in over 5 states in government and private sector schools.  Join us for 3 days to 5 days training sessions which enables school educators via hands-on training of concepts, tools, activities & challenges.

Following is a Pre/Post-Test analysis of the workshops which we organized in association with Intel:


Check out what Principals and Teachers had to say about our team:


“I am very happy to say that the training program held in our school is very effective, impressive and it created a great awareness in the teachers and students to create some innovative practices in teaching learning process. Although they built a Robotic device but it created a great awareness in their mindset. They became techno friendly, they became very curious to do something new and all the teachers gave me very positive feedback.”

– Dr. K.V. Singh Shakya, Principal, PPJS Vihar, Nainital, Uttarakhand


“It was a very exciting and wonderful experience. It was like we were back to hands on learning, childhood experiences, really enjoyed it.”

– Liveleen Kaur, Physics Lect, GSSS, Mianpur, Punjab-


“We liked it very much. It was very informative. Our knowledge stagnates so we got out of it. We felt that we can also do such things. I was afraid of doing this earlier, but now I feel we can do it too. We would like to do such programs in future.”

-Indu Bala, Physics Lect, GSSS, Manauli, Punjab.