Smart Highway

In recent years, a lot of highways have been lit up with street lamps. Although it provides good visibility for commuters during the night time, it has been observed that the street lamps stays on for few hours even when no car is on the road. In another scenario, the street lamps are not turned off consistently during the day time. All of them contribute to the wastage of electricity. In this project, the highway is equipped with some IR Sensors on the divider of the road so that whenever car crosses the IR Sensor, it detects and turns on the next few lamps so that the car does not have visibility issues. Once the sensor does not detect any car on road for some time, the lights are turned off in a sequence. The street lamps at the beginning of the highway will always be turned on during the night time as there may be cars coming from the city. Also, the system will automatically turn off when there is enough ambient light and will turn on when ambient light is less. This will be done with the help of a Light Dependent Resistor.

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